Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What a fun surprise we had yesterday!  Our friends, Duane and Barbara Hunt from Gore, OK, who served in our mission, are home now and drove 30 minutes to meet our grandson, Elder Adam Wold and took him and his companion to lunch! They set us these photos and little video! 😁

Elder Wold and Elder Kestner

We had a WONDERFUL Zone Conference today with Pres. and Sister Leavitt!

Front L-R: Elder Sinclair, Elder East, Elder Siale, Elder Francis, 
Elder Bowen, and Elder Moltena

Back L-R: Elder Smith, Elder Nogueira, Elder Musumhi, Us, Elder Brown,
Elder Mtyobile and Elder Treasure

Birthday cupcakes for our three Elders with June birthdays

Elder Brown

Elder Musumhi and Elder Treasure

Our ZLs, Elder Treasure and Elder Smith during their presentation 

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  1. I’m so glad the Hunts took Adam & his companion to lunch! How fun for all of them! And it looks like the missionaries are in good hands in Swaziland with you making delicious birthday cupcakes for them!