Thursday, August 31, 2017

We have enjoyed the 18 couples and 8 single sisters here at the MTC this week!! 
The couple next to us, Steven and Lorraine Ward, are the couple we
were assigned to get to know and teach Wed. and Thurs.
They are going to the SLC Headquarters Mission.

Couples above left to right: Silvers (SLC),  Seeleys (SLC), Gustafsons (VA), Farnsworths 
(SLC), Meirs (Argentina), Jensens (Nauvoo),  Cutlers (Ohio), Wards (SLC), Wolds (Swaziland)

Couples below left to right: Sparrows (SLC), Schmitts (Nauvoo), Litkes (Chicago), Taylors 
(SLC), Robinsons (Florida), Halls (Hawaii), Phillips (Kansas), Moultons, Martins (Tokyo)

The couple fourth from the left, the Taylors, and the couple 2nd from the right, the 
Moultons,are the two couples with us in our district.  It's a very small group of 
senior couples this week!Four years ago, we had 129 of us here!! 

My cute high school (and BYU ) friend, Julie Fuhriman Young and her 
husband, Brig, came to see us last night and brought the cutest card! 
They are serving in the Provo Mission! 

We saw cute Maybree again today and I snapped
a quick picture as she was eating her Navajo taco! 
We have seen our granddaughter ALL four days!  (Amazing 
really with 2500 missionaries here!! The cafeteria is CRAZY!)

We are not supposed to take photos in the cafeteria, but
Tuesday we saw Keri Turley (Washington) and her brother 
Reed Turley (Hong Kong) and today we saw Gunner 
Halls (Australia), all from our  Stake Missionary 
Preparation class!! Ü 

Monday, August 28, 2017

We had a WONDERFUL first day at the MTC today!! 
We have met 17 wonderful senior couples and even got 
to see our granddaughter, Sister Spilsbury with her 
companion  outside of the cafeteria after dinner! And 
our Jamie is in town and came to see us one last time!  

We stayed with my brother, Bob and his wife, Martha
Saturday and Sunday and they drove us here this morning.
We were met by the cutest young elders all helping us with
our bags and showing us to our room. 

Elder and Sister Wold Ü 

Our darling granddaughter, Sister Maybree Spilsbury,
who just arrived last Wednesday! 

Sister Deighton and Sister Spilsbury
Salt Lake Temple Square missionaries

Jamie came to see us before she flies home to
AZ tomorrow and she got "the LAST TOUCH"!!  

Sunday night, Bob and Martha invited  their  friends, Dennis and Tania Lombardi 
and friends of both of us, Jim and Sheron Fitch, who we knew in Mesa in CES,
to their home for dinner.  It was SO delicious and so nice to eat outside in beautiful 
weather! We LOVED seeing the Fitches again and meeting the Lombardis.

Jim Fitch was mission president over the Johannesburg Mission 2002 -2005
and the Lombardis served in Swaziland 2012 to 2014 then in Johannesburg with
Bob and Martha in the area office in 2015-2016. We had such a FUN visit, talking
about  Johannesburg, South Africa and Swaziland! They brought the DVD of  "The
Saints in Swaziland" that came out in 2012 and was shown between conference 
sessions. It is WONDERFUL and it got us even MORE excited to serve there! Ü  

Sunday, August 27, 2017

We went out to dinner with our kids and their spouses on Friday
night, then the grandkids joined us as we were set apart at our
home by Pres. Cowley in our Stake Presidency.

We had to be at the airport EARLY on Saturday morning, August 26th.
Three of our kids and some of our grandkids were able to be there at 6:00 a.m. 
before we boarded the plane.  Blake got the "last touch" before we went 
through security!  Haha! 


Blowing kisses!!

One last wave through the window!! 

We met Bob's cousin John Forker, his wife, Jill and son Cameron, at 
Brick Oven in South Jordan for lunch with Jamie, Ann Marie and 
her cute baby Clark.

After lunch, we went to Rose Park and celebrated Phil and
Aliyah's birthdays with the Bugingos. We loved seeing 
Godelive, Ines, Yvette, Philip and Aliyah, and my brother
Rick and sister-in-law, Carla! We LOVE this family we got
to know in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!! 

At 5:00 pm, we drove to American Fork for a post BYU football game 
get-together at my niece, Emily Christian's new home.  Her family just moved
here a week ago from Boerne, Texas!  Bob and Martha were there and 
also my nephews,  Christian and Robby Egan and their families. My
niece, Betsy's daughter Kate Keller and friend, Caden came down from Idaho
for the game, and my niece, Angy and Glenn Christensen came by to visit too!
What a FUN day!!!  

Friday, August 25, 2017

Maybree's at the MTC!!

Cambryn and Maybree Sunday

After she was set apart....

EVERYONE wanted to give the last hug and have the last touch!! Haha!!

Our granddaughter, Maybree Spilsbury spoke in church on Sunday, was set apart on Tuesday night and flew to SLC and entered the MTC on Wednesday morning!!  SO exciting!! She will be an AWESOME Temple Square missionary!!

We leave early tomorrow morning!!  Yippee!!   We will REALLY miss our kids and grandkids but we are very excited to serve the Lord in Swaziland!! Ü

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Last night we did sealings in the Mesa Temple for our ancestors. All four of our children and their spouses were able to be there and also Maybree, our granddaughter, came too!  She is speaking in her ward this morning and will enter the Provo MTC on Wednesday, to serve in the Salt Lake City Tempe Square Mission! We are so proud to be her grandparents and are excited to see her in the MTC!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our grandson, Adam Wold left the MTC today and arrived safely in the Oklahoma Oklahoma City Mission, where he will be serving for the next 2 years!