Friday, October 13, 2017

On Monday afternoon, we received an email from our mission president with some big changes for the elders who were originally in the Mozambique Mission and are now in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission, still serving in Swaziland!! South Africa said they would have to go back to their home country (USA and Brazil) to appear in person at the South African Consulate there to get a visa to live and proselyte in South Africa! SO ~ since that isn't a possibility, they will all serve the remainder of their missions here in Swaziland!! That is 8 or our 12 missionaries who are affected.  But one is from Mozambique so he can probably go over the border and appear in Maputo and be able to get a visa.  Two more are going home next week and two came last transfer from Johannesburg to take the place of two other Mozambique missionaries who went home in September.  But the other 7 are here in Swaziland to stay and will not serve at all in South Africa.  (Some are here  for only 5 or 6 more months, some for about a year and a couple of them will be in Swaziland for almost a year and a half! Our ZL from Brazil has already been here for a year and will continue here for 6 more months until he goes home.)

On Wednesday, October 11th, we went to Manzini to have lunch with our elders there and later that night we visited 12 members of the Shongwe family at the parents' large home way up on the hill in

Thursday, we went to Sis. Thuli's for a (postponed from Monday) FHE!  Here are some photos....

Our Manzini Elders at lunch with us at Molly's Grill 
L-R: Elder Smith, Elder Chakanyuka, Elder Perez, and Elder Sinclair

We're eating meals for 2 with grilled chicken, pork, beef and wors  (like
sausage), and lots of pap ( pronounced pop ~ made from maize), 
cooked spinach and a green salad. Swazis eat everything with their hands,
including the salad! 

I had to get this picture on our way back to our home
from Manzini.  We always see dozens and dozens of these construction
workers walking home after dark.... It is SO cool that their uniforms
have reflection strips on the legs so you can see them, since they are
usually walking home all along the roads after dark!! 

This cute family is our Ezulwini Branch President,
Pres. Shongwe and his wife Pontsho and their baby 
girl, Naledi. (They are the only ones I got a picture of.)

I took this as we were driving down the hill from  
Grandma and Grandpa Shongwe's home on the hill 
above Ezulwini. Bro. Shongwe was the first district
president in Swaziland.  The church was first here in 1986.

As we were driving down the hill on this dirt road,
we could see the kids running to the gate to meet us!! 

Busiswa, the oldest daughter, age 12, always takes charge
for Family Home Evening and this time she asked me if
I would bring the ingredients and teach her to make brownies
for the treat!! She was SO excited to learn to make them and
the younger kids were all excited too! 

Sinayo, holding baby Jaden, gave the lesson on THE CREATION.
Their mom, Thuli is in the pink shirt.

My cake pan was a little too wide to fit in their little oven, so we
had to pour the batter into a very shallow pan they had.  It only 
held about 2/3 of the batter. But they turned out pretty good!

Me with Jaden during FHE....

Happy Busiswa!!

Busiswas leading the opening hymn...

The little guy in the blue shirt, Pio, is 13 and a school friend of 
Busiswa, who came to see what FHE was all about and try a brownie!
Their other friend, also 13 and a member was sitting by me, didn't 
get in the picture... 

Elder Wold and Sinayo singing the closing hymn,
looking at the words on his phone

CUTE little Tuba, 9 months old, who is the son
of Thuli's friend, who isn't a member of the Church, but wanted
to come over to join us! There were 13 of us there!

Busiswa got to bring a chicken home from school, so as we were leaving, they killed it, plucked its feather and were taking out its insides, getting it ready to cook it...

Monday, October 9, 2017

We started our P-day at Hlane Royal National Park in Swaziland this morning! Wow!  What a day!
Here are just SOME of the dozens of photos I took!  It was amazing to be "up close and personal with so many wonderful wild animals!!! We LOVED it!

This is the biggest and best of the four game parks.
Hlane means "wilderness" and it really is!

This was just inside the gate.... (?!?) Bits and pieces of 
backpacks and shoes, etc.... that the animals found!?

I LOVE these yellow birds!

Guinea fowls...

One of the cool buildings.  
This is a gift shop.

Our Safari vehicle (made by Toyota)

We took our Zone Leaders, Elder Powell from New Zealand
and Elder Feliciano from Brazil, who also live in Ezulwini.

Huts people can stay in....

These are nyalas.  The females are a chestnut color with no horns
and the males have twisted horns and are a darker gray color.

This is a wildebeest

These are kudos with LONG horns.

This is an impala.

We could see the hippos backs but they never came
up out of the water ....

We watched these two white rhinos in the bushes
for awhile and then they walked across the road 
right in front of us!!

They are an endangered species and are guarded.

We saw three lionesses and they were beautiful!
We went past them a couple of times but this was
my favorite shot....

They really WERE "Jumbo Elephants"!!

This is how close they were to us!!!

We watched these four elephants for the longest time!  It was 
AMAZING!!  The two on the left are males and the two on the
right are females. They were HUGE and were not that far away 
from our vehicle!

The last big animals we saw were the giraffes!  MY FAVORITE!!


A fence divided us from where they were but it was still 

This crocodile skin was near the reception area....
The waterholes were dry so we didn't see any crocs.
Rainy season has just begun....

The four of us.... We love these great missionaries!!

As we headed home down the highway we looked over
and there were the giraffes we saw on the other side of 
the fence!!  They were right along the highway!! 

Some photos on the drive home....