Monday, August 28, 2017

Sunday night, Bob and Martha invited  their  friends, Dennis and Tania Lombardi 
and friends of both of us, Jim and Sheron Fitch, who we knew in Mesa in CES,
to their home for dinner.  It was SO delicious and so nice to eat outside in beautiful 
weather! We LOVED seeing the Fitches again and meeting the Lombardis.

Jim Fitch was mission president over the Johannesburg Mission 2002 -2005
and the Lombardis served in Swaziland 2012 to 2014 then in Johannesburg with
Bob and Martha in the area office in 2015-2016. We had such a FUN visit, talking
about  Johannesburg, South Africa and Swaziland! They brought the DVD of  "The
Saints in Swaziland" that came out in 2012 and was shown between conference 
sessions. It is WONDERFUL and it got us even MORE excited to serve there! Ü  

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  1. More small world stuff. I'm pretty sure Lombardis were in Swaziland when our friends Von Stettens were mission president in Johannesburg. I think she talked about them- they came home in 2013. And was it their granddaughter Sara Arkell (piano gal) who plays duets with my cousin Jason Black? And now I read you met an elder who's related to them. Don't know Lombardis, but I sure keep hearing or reading about them! :)