Sunday, August 27, 2017

We went out to dinner with our kids and their spouses on Friday
night, then the grandkids joined us as we were set apart at our
home by Pres. Cowley in our Stake Presidency.

We had to be at the airport EARLY on Saturday morning, August 26th.
Three of our kids and some of our grandkids were able to be there at 6:00 a.m. 
before we boarded the plane.  Blake got the "last touch" before we went 
through security!  Haha! 


Blowing kisses!!

One last wave through the window!! 

We met Bob's cousin John Forker, his wife, Jill and son Cameron, at 
Brick Oven in South Jordan for lunch with Jamie, Ann Marie and 
her cute baby Clark.

After lunch, we went to Rose Park and celebrated Phil and
Aliyah's birthdays with the Bugingos. We loved seeing 
Godelive, Ines, Yvette, Philip and Aliyah, and my brother
Rick and sister-in-law, Carla! We LOVE this family we got
to know in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!! 

At 5:00 pm, we drove to American Fork for a post BYU football game 
get-together at my niece, Emily Christian's new home.  Her family just moved
here a week ago from Boerne, Texas!  Bob and Martha were there and 
also my nephews,  Christian and Robby Egan and their families. My
niece, Betsy's daughter Kate Keller and friend, Caden came down from Idaho
for the game, and my niece, Angy and Glenn Christensen came by to visit too!
What a FUN day!!!  

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  1. I keep seeing Emily Egan Christian on facebook posts, and figured she must be one of Bob's kids. She's on LDS Primary choristers, and I've also seen her comment on a friend's posts who moved from PA to Texas. Small world!