Saturday, September 16, 2017

The day we arrived with the Wagners, we went to a Cultural Program in Exulwini.  It was VERY interesting with amazing dancing and singing!

One of the girls' dances....

The girls kicks were AMAZING!!  They were way
up over their heads, over and over again!! 

The men were also great on the drums and in their dancing

These two guys were also very impressive!! 

I had to get a photo of this lady's hair.  I have 
never seen this hairdo before....

After the show, we had a guided tour around a traditional
Swazi village...

It was a very interesting tour but I didn't have 
anything to write the cultural traditions down on
and I have forgotten after a week... 

They had handmade crafts for sale as we left
the area. 

That night we had dinner with Pres. and Sister Simelane, the
new 2nd counselor to Pres. Leavitt in the mission presidency
 and Pres. and Sister Ndtshalindtshali, the district president.
Sister Simelane chose the very fancy Palm Cascades Restaurant
in Summerfield Botanical Gardens.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!

What a GORGEOUSLY decorated place!  It's
a luxury hotel and restaurant but was pretty reasonably
priced by our standards.

The King of Swaziland's portraits hang everywhere!

Left to Right:  Elder and Sister Wagner, Pres. and Sister
Simelane,  Pres. and Sister Ndtshalindtshali, and Elder and Sister Wold Ü 

We had a wonderful meal and a fun night together
getting to know one another! They are all GREAT people
with very interesting conversion stories! 

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  1. Beautiful costumes and dancing....and fancy restaurant! Do the Swazis live in those little huts??