Wednesday, September 20, 2017

We decided to put a map of Swaziland on a wall in our flat and put photos of all the Elders we serve with here during our 18 months around it by area.  We got the Zone Leaders' photos after our Coordination Meeting and flat inspection yesterday at their house and photos of two of the Manzini Elders today when we went to Manzini for me to teach keyboard this morning to Nkosikhona. He is an RM, who served in Johannesburg and teaches Seminary in Manzini.

Last night the ZLs showed us where Sister Thuli and Sister Gertrude live (way off the main road down some very bad dirt roads).  We're SO glad we drive a bakkie (truck)!!  There were six kids there to greet us and several dogs, including a mother with three cute puppies.  We had a great visit with them and will go back next Monday night for FHE.  (Sister Thuli is less active but her four kids are always there, as is Sister Gertrude and her son, Menzy. The two other children are Sister Gertrude's grandchildren but her son and the kids are not members.)

Our ZLs flat next to a Nursery with lots of flowering
trees and bushes, including a jacaranda that we see
all over South Africa and Swaziland!

Elder Powell from Auckland, New Zealand
(His mum is Tongan and his dad is British.)

Elder Feliciana from the southern part of Brazil

Elder Smith from Ogden, UT 
(who also sat in on my keyboard lesson
and surprised us at the end by playing 
"A Hundred Days" that he taught himself
at home before he left)! 

Elder Perez from Chicago, who will be going
back home in just 4 more weeks!

Sister Thuli with baby Jaden and her girls
Busiswa "Sim" on the left and Sphesihle and
Snayo on the right with the Zone Leaders before
they left to go to another appointment and left us
to get acquainted. Sister Gertrude came home later
but I didn't get a picture of her or her mother "Gogo",
meaning Grandma.

CUTE baby Jaden 
(I forgot his Swazi name...
Many Swazis have an easier nickname besides
their first and last name in siSwati.)

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  1. That's why the Wolds are so awesome- you think of cool things like getting pics of all the Elders you serve with and putting them around the map. Love it, and I'm sure they are thrilled to have you serving there!