Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year's Eve Day.... We drove down to Nhlangano for Church and I found when I got there that I was one of the speakers! (I had a prompting to grab some notes just before we went out the door and stick them in my purse... Ü ) I also played the keyboard and we were able to have a good orientation and inservice meeting with our seminary and institute teacher for 2018 and give them their materials. It was fun to see Elder Feliciana conduct Sacrament Meeting as the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency and Elder Francis give a talk!  They are great! 

Elder Feliciana and Elder Francis

After talking to Elder Feliciana about enrolling seminary and institute students, he went into RS in Nhlangano and told the moms how seminary changed his life and how important it is for their children! Ü 

I took the photo above on the way to Nhlangano at 9:30 am
and the one below when we left at 2:00 pm! We drove through the 
WORST thunderstorm we have ever driven in!! 

The Ezulwini elders came over around 5:00 pm to make pizza and then we watched the video "Saints in Swaziland" that was made in 2012.  They loved seeing people they know!

The "head chef" and mastermind behind the making of the pizzas was Elder Sinclair.
He was proud of them and I must say they were REALLY good!!  
(I did the dough and homemade pizza sauce.)

Left to right: Elders Pace, Powell, Sinclair and Pulley

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