Saturday, January 27, 2018

We had a GREAT activity today in Manzini with our Seminary and Institute teachers and students!! It was a Swaziland District "Kick-off" for the new 2018 school year, (that started on Tuesday, January 23rd).  Sister Tirhani Ngomane, (sitting in front with the red skirt in the photo), our NEW S&I Coordinator, came from Johannesburg and is staying with us. We had about 75-80 people there and the games and food were a BIG HIT!! (They loved my brownies! I made 105 of them and they ALL disappeared in a hurry!!) Pres. Sithole did a great job with the food.... a meat stew on rice.  He made enough for 70 and we ended up with not enough for the leaders, but that's okay.  

Here are 2  photos of the group at the end, but some left before the photo was taken.  (We didn't get any other photos because we were SO busy with the games, etc....)

On Wednesday night, we went to visit the Mayala family with our Zone Leaders.  I had to 
get a picture of the sky as we waited for them to get home!  It was breath-taking! 

This was taken the opposite direction.  I LOVE 💗 Swaziland's mountains!!! 

Cute Naomi Mayala, 8, had the cutest braids for the first day of school.

Yesterday, we were in Mbabane and I loved these plants by the side of the road...

We have a pretty golf course along the road we travel several times a day!
I always forget to get a photo but remembered today.  These don't do it justice.
It is SO well kept and SO pretty and is huge! 

The sign on the right below means a speed bump.  Swaziland LOVES speed bumps and they are in the strangest places!!  Sometimes there are 3 or 4 in a row!  And sometimes there is NO sign, NO paint on them and you don't even see it until you are right on top if it!!

We got news today that we are losing four of our Madagascar elders, who are going back to serve in Madagascar on February 8th!!  They are Elder Passey, Elder Jordan, Elder Freestone, and Elder Chounlamany.   One more, Elder Pulley, may leave Feb. 20th and the last two, Elder Pace and Elder Willey will leave on April 3rd.... : /   I am SOOOOO sad...  I will miss them all SO much!!  We'll be down to 12 elders companionship per branch, like it was 5 months ago when we arrived.  

We also have Mozambique elders who will be going home in April, May and June!! : /  So 
we have BIG changes coming in the next few months... 

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  1. Sounds like "feed them, and they will come"! What a wonderful group of young people! And that pink sky is amazing!