Wednesday, January 10, 2018

We drove to Johannesburg on Sunday, after the baptism in our branch and drove back home today.  (I had two doctor appointments there.)   We got to meet Elder and Sister Boyer from Cedar City, who are the new office couple, (taking the Hunts' place) and visit with Pres. and Sister Leavitt and Elder and Sister Wagner too. (We found out President Leavitt's youngest brother, Matthew, served his mission in Romania with our Jon! Small world!) We enjoyed staying at the mission home. 

We met Seble and her husband, Zama Mngomezulu for lunch on Monday. We knew her in Addis Ababa in 2014 and she also brought her friend, Helen Getachew and her daughter, Katelin 7. Helen is a member who grew up in Debre Zeit but got married and moved to South Africa in 2009. She knew almost ALL of our DZ friends and many in Addis
too! It was really fun to visit with them!

We attended a session in the Johannesburg Temple and met our S&I Coordinator there, Sister Tirhani Ngomane. Tuesday was a busy day at the mission office with transfers! There were elders all over the place! 

Front to back: Pres. and Sister Leavitt, Elder and Sister Boyer, Us, 
and Elder and Sister Wagner at the Porterhouse Steakhouse

Lunch at Tasha's in Sandton at Nicolway Center 

Seble and Zama Mngomezulu

My brother Bob, and Martha, told us about THRUPPS.
We found A&W Cream Soda, Cranberry Sprite, Reese's Peanut
Butter Cups, Mint OREOS, and a few more things there that 
we have never seen here anywhere else! Ü 

We saw our name on a street sign!

Bob also told us about this Mexican Restaurant like 
Chipotle or Costa Vida.  It was GREAT! (First Mexican 
food we have seen here too!)

Oh my! It WOULD have to be right next door to 
Häagen-Dazs! The salted caramel ice cream was
UNBELIEVABLE!! (Krispy Kreme was also in that
Rosebank Mall! Good thing it is 4 hours away from us!)

 The clouds were really interesting on our drive back to 
Swaziland today... We got a few sprinkles but not much rain.

We drove straight to the Post Office in Ezulwini and our Christmas package Jamie sent on December 7th finally arrived!! The only trouble was stamped "Received in damaged condition in New York".  It was re-packed in a whole different box!?!  In looking at the packing slip, it was missing 14 seasoning packets (like taco seasoning and alfredo sauce), a pound of pecans, and some candy. But we LOVED what was there and the CUTE cards the grandkids made for us!! 

Our granddaughter, Ashlyn drew this picture of the Johannesburg Temple 
and sent it for my birthday! It came in the package today.  Ü 

All of Jamie's kids sent us cards for my birthday and Christmas and
so did Lydia.  They are SO fun!!  I had to hang them up! 

We have a new ZL! Elder Cox from Perth, Australia! 
Elder Powell is a new AP in Johannesburg now. We
will miss him...

We love seeing things similar to what we have in the U.S. but not quite
the same.... Just found "Tinkies" that are exactly like our Twinkies in how
they look (vanilla or chocolate) with the three holes on top, but they don't
quite taste the same. Ü  These were in Ezulwini.

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