Friday, May 11, 2018

After hearing missionaries talking about "Chicken Dust" in Matsapha, ever since before we even left home, we FINALLY found the place and had our first Chicken Dust!  It was REALLY good chicken!  I am not a huge fan of pap but even it was pretty good. (I think it just needs melted butter, or some kind of sauce or gravy on it. 

Elder Willey and Elder Brown at Chicken Dust 
We had to take them to Mbabane and stopped there for
lunch on the way back to Manzini.

Chicken grilled with a special sauce from Mozambique, 
with pap (made with mealie meal ~ a kind of cornmeal) and salad
There are chicken dust places all over on the side of the road, but this 
is everyone's favorite because of the special seasonings on the chicken.

The staple food in every Swazi's diet

Birthday cupcakes to Elder Willey and to Elder Nogueira
for their May birthdays...  (The other little bag is from SIs. Boyer
and Sister Wagner in the office in Joburg. It has a little package of 
OREOS and a lollipop inside.)

More different pretty flowers along the road in Mbabane

These yellow African daisies were ALL along the side of the road, leaving Ezulwini 
and driving to Mbabane today! I have never seen them blooming there before.

This huge poinsettia bush/tree is across from the Mbabane Elders' flat.

We are sad that the Mesa Temple is closing on May 19th for 2 years 
for major remodeling and renovations. 

We JUST saw photos this morning on Mormon Newsroom 
of the artist's renderings of what it will look like afterwards! 

The main entrance

The Garden Room

The World Room

The Terrestrial Room

The Celestial Room

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  1. I've missed your blog! We were gone 7 weeks (and drove 7,000 miles toCA and back to PA. I couldn't find your blog on my phone, so I was excited to get home and read all your recent posts. I'm amazed at all the wonderful, creative (and yummy!) things you do for the Elders, the branches, people you teach, etc. You're amazing!! And you must've taken all your favorite recipes with you! ( Can I have your Aunt Lucille's caramel corn recipe? Yum!) Anyway, I also love all the gorgeous flowers and scenery- so awesome! Who would've thought Swaziland would be so beautiful?! Happy Mother's Day- you're the perfect mother substitute to all those cute missionaries! :)