Saturday, May 5, 2018

GOOD NEWS! Elder Myeni found out this morning that he leaves for Sierra Leone on Monday, May 14th! He has been waiting for a visa to Cape Town but was re-assigned to Sierra Leone and got his visa to go there.  Elder Pace and Elder Willey also got phone calls this morning that they are FINALLY going back to Madagascar on Tuesday, May 15th, after serving here for 7 months!  We are happy for all three Elders but we are sad for Swaziland to lose these three awesome missionaries!  Every companionship will have someone new between the mid-transfer 3 weeks ago and the one this week!

Our Swaziland Zone all gathered here at our flat this afternoon, to watch a broadcast from Johannesburg, where Elder Brent Nielsen, of the Seventy and his wife, spoke to all of the missionaries in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission. We used our laptop and WiFi and a projector and speaker from Joburg and it worked great!  We had to move our furniture around, but 14 of us fit just fine and everyone had a couch or chair!  It was a good conference!  

12 pairs of missionary shoes on our front porch.... Ü 

We love our Elder Sinclair from Queen Creek, AZ!
He is legally blind but never lets that hold him back in
any way.... He took notes through the whole meeting. 

Elder Myeni from Mbabane, Swaziland is against
the curtains in the photo above.

We took down our picture that covers the TV bracket and
projected the meeting up on the wall in our flat.

Elder Brent Nielsen of the Seventy

They were all ready for ice cream and cookies 
after watching the 2 hour meeting!

(Elder Pace is giving a thumbs up on the couch 
and Elder Willey is over by the window.)

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