Thursday, May 3, 2018

We have been walking in the mornings from 6:30 - 7:00 a.m. and we don't usually take our phones, but we took them the other day to get some photos.... We have seen LOTS of monkeys  in one area on the wall beside the Cashbuild store, (but none, of course, when we had a camera).  We did see monkeys at Sister Mayala's craft store though.... I also found a few more plants that I LOVED.

Poinsettias here grow to be SO tall.  This plant is about 8 feet tall! 
You can see it growing way above the 6 foot wall! 
(This is the wall the monkeys play on.)

I LOVE these vines that grow like weeds between other plants.
The leaves are heart-shaped and vary in size.  The tiny hearts
on the end of the vine are my favorite!

I don't recall ever seeing any of these before...

The monkeys scattered when we got out of our car, but this one
(right hand corner of the photo) was eating and didn't pay any attention to us.

Michael (Hlanhla) Khosa in our branch is the twin brother
of Portia, who is married and works in the Area Office Travel Dept. 
in Johannesburg.  We met her there a few months ago and when 
she came "home" to our branch Sunday, I had to get a picture of the twins together!

What is wrong with the rug in this picture!? Haha! (I WISH AZ  was on the coast!)  We found this in a store in Mbabane called THE FAMILY STORE.  It had a little of everything.  Most items, including this rug, came from China. We also bought "Raising Bread".   It was a nice little loaf of bread that had ONE raisin in each slice.

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