Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sometimes is really FEELS like we are in a strange country 10,000 miles away and then we see things like this... Ü

And this TASTES like Dr. Pepper!! Ü
(But you can only find it once in awhile...)
They also have Coke, Mountain Dew, and Sprite.
They have cream soda that is not even remotely
related to OUR cream soda at home.... : /  Two 
interesting drinks are Iron Brew (a little like the
old fashioned Iron Port I tasted as a kid) and Stoney
which is ginger beer.  I like Iron Brew but not Stoney.
 No root beer at all here....

We have also seen Lay's potato chips but in different
flavors.  The Doritos are sweet chili flavor.  We LOVE
their sweet chili sauce.  It's really tasty!  Also Fritos but
only in a spicy flavor, not the original flavor.

We found tiny bottles of Skippy peanut butter in one
store too. There are other brands that aren't too bad.

I love this water bottle top.... Water is either 
"still" water (regular bottled water but they have
many different flavors) and "sparkling" water that
is carbonated, also coming in different flavors.

In October in Africa!?!  Are we in the U.S.??
We saw this as we were shopping for the new elders

We have a cute Swazi family living in the flat
next door (connected to ours).  This is their little almost
2 year old.  He wandered into our flat the other day and
stayed awhile.  He imitated Bob every time he laughed,
danced, made silly sounds, etc... even though he understood
NOTHING we said in English.  CUTE little guy!!  I gave him a 
cookie and he just carried it around, never even taking a bite!?

Our next door neighbor took a picture of our plaque at
church the other day, so we could see it.... 

So it made me want to put SOMETING up for our ONE
elder serving from Ezulwini Branch!  I put this on the board
last Sunday.  (We found out later that his older brother married
the Lombardi's daughter, who met him when she came here
to visit her parents, serving as a senior couple here from 2012-2014!) 

I thought these lights were really cool in Nando's, when we ate 
there with Nathi in Manzini.  (We had waited in the truck for 2 
hours for him to get the water turned on in the new Manzini flat!!!)

This one is made out of very teeny tiny beads!!

This was very different and interesting too!! 

We were behind this truck today. I had to get a picture...

These school kids were dressed in Swazi traditional
clothing and let me take their picture. They were SO cute!
It must have been a holiday or something special at school.

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  1. This is a fun blog entry of bits of this and that! Swaziland looks like such an interesting culture with lots of variety and opposites!