Monday, October 2, 2017

We drove to Manzini from Nhlangano yesterday afternoon to meet Elder Tasara Makasi, area authority and S&I (formerly CES) Area Director for the Africa Southeast Area in Johannesburg, who is from Zimbabwe and Brother Jaime Massango, S&I Coordinator over Swaziland, who is from Mozambique.  They did a Fireside in Manzini from 3-4 pm and we had about 69 YSAs and YM/YW, ages 14-30,  in attendance from the District. It was WONDERFUL!  Elder Makasi did a question and answer session and had Elder Wold and I participate in answering some of the questions!

Elder Makasi's wife and two darling daughters before the fireside
(Elder Massango's wife is on the left too!)

Brother Jaime Massango and his wife are on the left and Elder
Tasara Makasi and his family are in the middle. 

Swaziland District YSAs and Youth
Sunday, October 1st, 2017
Manzini, Swaziland

(Are Elder Wold and I blending in!?!?! Haha!)

Cute Thandie, Mbabane YSA Rep 
with her fun braids! 

This YSA served in the UKM the SAME time we did
but was in Uganda the whole 2 years.  He was in the
same group as Christian Bingham and Spencer Taylor.
He and Elder Bingham were companions in Uganda.

Elder Wold's buddy "Tip Top", who is the groundskeeper/
custodian for the Manzini Chapel.  He is the HAPPIEST guy!!

These were taken on our way home to Ezulwini 
from Manzini....

Had to add these photos of our granddaughter, Maybree, serving on Temple Square.
My little brother, Rick Egan saw her and took these photos conference weekend! 

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  1. First, Maybree's adorable! We'll be in SLC at Christmas....we'll have to go see if we can find her! And I loved you "blending in"- it was great to be able to find you so quickly in the crowd! :) How fun to be involved in the young adult fireside, and Thandie's braids are awesome!!