Monday, October 2, 2017

We traveled to Nhlangano for Church yesterday morning, which is about one and a half hours south of us (however it took us much longer with lots of speed bumps and police officers all along the way)!  Yesterday the annual  cultural  Reed Dance was in Nhlangano but we didn't see anything (thank goodness)!  There wasn't a lot of traffic but the police officers were present, since the King was in attendance! (He watches thousands of females do the cultural dance for him to choose another wife! He has 14 wives!!)

Here are some photos from our drive down and back and the Chapel there and Primary children. We enjoyed their fast and testimony meeting and hearing the dear saints there bear sweet, heart-felt testimonies.  It was a wonderful morning!

We saw a lot of people on the way, walking to churches.
Many churches have unique "costumes" the members wear.

As we got closer to Nhlangano, there were SO many trees!  It was 
BEAUTIFUL!!  Timber is a major export of Swaziland.

These nice, brick bus stops are all over Swaziland, no matter
where we go! Even out in the middle of nowhere! 

Cows and goats were all along the road in some areas.  We were
surprised a few times by animals right in front of us!

There were so many mountains with huge boulders.
Here are just a few.... (These are REAL "Rocky Mountains"!)

It was  VERY dry the first half of the drive and then
turned greener with all of the pine trees!

The Chapel is four portable buildings.  The one in front is 
restrooms and the one in the middle is the actual chapel. 
Primary was in the first door in the building on the right.

The sweet Nhlangano (pronounced THLawngawno)
Primary children. The two Primary leaders 
said they were missing quite a few yesterday.
They can really sing!! 

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  1. Who would've thought Nh would be pronounced TH?? And is Church in English? Or is someone translating for you?