Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We have seven new missionaries who arrived from Madagascar yesterday!! They will serve with us here in Swaziland, so that brings us to 19 elders now!! Madagascar had an outbreak of the Black Plague in August and it is now widespread over the island.  They said it has affected over 500 and 74 have died. All missionaries have been on medication and kept in their apartments for a few weeks, until it was finally determined they needed to be relocated. The missionaries on the islands of Reunion and Mauritius are remaining there and have not been affected.  Of the 77 in Madagascar,  ten went home since they were close to the end of their missions. The 67 others have been reassigned to other missions in Africa and North America.  We received 7 in our mission and they all came here in Swaziland!

Bob and I had to assist with getting two new flats all set up and buying EVERYTHING needed in both!  We even had to buy and put up curtains on eight windows in each flat! We had one and 1/2 days to do it!! We bought bedding too for all 7 missionaries and had to take it to their flats. WHEW!
We finished JUST as the elders arrived in Mbabane!!

Elder and Sister Leavitt and Elder and Sister Wagner brought the elders here and they met all of us in the parking lot, then came inside for a short meeting to find out who their new companions would be and what area they would be serving in! Here they all are with their new companions! (The four who are staying together and were not affected by the changes, did not attend the meeting...)

President Dane Leavitt, our mission president
spoke to all of us, then turned the time to Bob 
and I and the ZLs and Nathi.

Elder Pace (new) and Elder Samatanda, who just got
to Swaziland last week at transfers are a new companionship
in Ezulwini with the ZLs.

Elder Francis has a new companion, Elder Pulley
in Nhlangano.

Elder Schwalger and Elder Passey (new) are together
in Mbabane Sidwashini

Elder Feliciana and Elder Freestone are opening
a new Mbabane 2 area.

Elder Smith has a new companion, Elder Jordan,
who grew up with Elder Brown (in Mbabane).
They are in Manzini Fairview 1.

Elder Sinclair is training Elder Willey (right) and
they are a threesome with Elder Chounlamany, who
has been out awhile. They will open Fairview 2 area.

Elder Samatanda (new to Ezulwini from Johannesburg)

Elder Hosmer, new ZL from Johannesburg, now
 in Ezulwini with Elder Powell

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