Monday, February 12, 2018

We had to go to Mbabane today and decided to come home the "back way" on MR19 through Mhlabanyatsi and then on MR18 through Malkerns.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and a BEAUTIFUL drive along winding roads through forests of pine trees and also wide open spaces with miles and miles (kilometers) of green rolling hills in every direction!  We drove
along a river, passed a sawmill, and even came upon donkeys walking down the road in 
two different places. I snapped SO many pictures! But they just don't capture the beauty of the hills! Here are some of the sights we saw...

Trees!  Trees!  Trees!

 I tried to get a close-up of this kind of pine with feathery looking needles
but it is hard to see them well...

There were not a lot of homes or people on this route, but we did pass
through a few small towns...

The Bhunya Usuthu Mill

I love this road in Malkerns lined with these pretty trees 
with bright orange blossoms! 

Last of all, have you ever seen a quokka?  This cute little animal lives on
an island near Perth, Australia.  Elder Cox, one of our zone leaders in Swaziland,
is from Perth and had us look us these CUTE little guys!! Oh my goodness!! 

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