Tuesday, February 27, 2018

We've had an interesting day today!  We had our weekly meeting with our ZLs and had lunch, then drove to the Church to meet with Majaha Gamedze, our Ezulwini Branch Mission Leader and Sibusiso Dlamini, who was sustained as Assistant Branch Mission Leader on Sunday. (He has been living in Manzini going to school for the past year and graduated and came back to Ezulwini.  He served his mission in Zambia.)  Moses couldn't make it with a key, so we just sat outside in the shade.  Then they got in our bakkie and showed us the way to visit a less-active sister, Lindelwa, who actually gave a WONDERFUL talk on Sunday, who lives with Nelly! It was a "shortcut" through a narrow bumpy dirt road, up and down hills, through the mud and deep potholes and MANY flooded spots on the roads!  The ZLs followed in their bakkie and our trucks were covered with mud by the time we got there!!  

Sibusiso and Majaha, our Ezulwini Branch mission leaders

 Elder Cox and Elder Smith, our ZLs are GREAT!! 
(Good thing we plan to have Charles wash our trucks on Friday
during District Meeting!) 

Our mission leaders trying to get out of "handcuffs" linked
together in Elder Cox's object lesson....

Elder Wold in front of Lindelwa's home

We had to drive out to Nkonyeni yesterday.  It is SO beautiful out there!

Check out the big thick vines hanging from these trees!! 

I loved these flowers and have never seen them before....

When I got online last night, I had an email from my cousin, Ellen, who
is serving a mission with her husband in Costa Rica and they will finish up 
in 3 weeks! She sent me this photo of the exact same plant in another
color, that she had seen yesterday at a member's home! Ü In Costa Rica,
they call it "Crown of Jesus".  I haven't found anyone who knows the name here.
What a FUN coincidence that we would discover the SAME beautiful plant, the SAME
day, on our missions, on opposite sides of the world!!  Ü

I got some more photos of interesting trees....

This pretty tree is in front of the ZLs house. 
It is such a bright green and the leaves are feathery.

We pass this tree everyday and it has recently had
LONG red flowers sticking out.  It's hard to capture 
them while driving up the road....  They are a much  brighter
red than it shows in the photo...

Happy Birthday to Elder Myeni from Mbabane.  He is an amazing young man!
He was called to Cape Town months ago but has been waiting for his visa.  After
being denied last time, the missionary department has decided to re-assign him.
He has been serving in Manzini, while waiting for his visa and now he is 
just patiently waiting for his NEW assignment!!  We will MISS him!!

I see these pretty pink roses every time I walk into the Mbabane Chapel.
They are just outside the door.  I finally decided I had to get a picture!

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  1. That's such a cool coincidence about the flowers, and they're beautiful!