Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Well, they're off!!  Our first four Elders to return to their mission in Madagascar are on their way back!  We took them to the airport to fly to Johannesburg this afternoon and they will fly on to Madagascar in the morning.  One more Elder leaves on Feb. 20th and the last two on April 3rd.  We will miss them SO much!! : / 

Our Madagascar Elders
L-R: Elder Passey, Elder Chounlamany, Elder Freestone and Elder Jordan

There they go!!

Just a picture I took on the hour and a half drive home....

I have never seen anything like these flowers!? 

We stopped in Manzini and loaded our truck and the ZLs truck with everything
from the flat we are closing.  When we got home, this was the view from our kitchen window!  No rain yet... but it sure looks like it's coming! 

We hit the jackpot yesterday with a package from Jamie
and an envelope with Valentines from her kids and another packet 
of Valentines from other grandkids that Emily had them make at her
place after Sunday dinner! What a FUN surprise!!! 

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  1. How fun to get all those Valentines from your grandkids. You are loved! Happy Valentines Day to both of you!