Sunday, February 4, 2018

What a great weekend it/s been for our Swaziland District!  Today was a WONDERFUL District Conference meeting and a YSA Fireside with Pres. and Sis. Leavitt and the District Presidency afterwards.  We also FINALLY got our boxes of Seminary and Institute teacher and student manuals yesterday, so we also were able to give those out yesterday and today!  Yesterday was District Auxiliary Training in the afternoon and then the Adult Session of District Conference at 4:00 pm. 

I was asked to help with the training of the Primary leaders.  (And forgot to take photos of our room.... It was colorful and fun!)  I made posters: REVERENCE is LOVE  with pictures of reverent children around it; Priesthood and Temple Preparation with the Joburg Temple and a deacon passing the sacrament; Music with music notes and the poster to teach IF THE SAVIOR STOOD BESIDE ME; a Use Pictures in Sharing Time and in Lessons sign, with pictures from the Primary 6 manual around it; and I Am a Child of God poster with photos of six Primary children in Ezulwini Branch mounted on colored paper around it. I also made six cardboard easels and had the manuals, Faith in God booklets, etc. standing up on the table. I also put together packets for each branch.  Ü  The 15 sisters who came really seemed to enjoy it and took pictures and we got a lot of very nice comments!  I also made pink heart-shaped sugar cookies that we passed around at the end. 

Sandile Makasi brought garments, scriptures, etc. for the members of our district to buy
yesterday before the training meeting.  He is from Cape Town and knew my brother Bob then and also in the area office in Johannesburg, so he wanted a picture with us. Ü 

These are our seven elders who will be leaving us to return to Madagascar. 
Our daughter, Jamie, just wrote that Elder Ralston in their ward in Gilbert, 
is also returning to Madagascar.... on the 26th of this month.

Elder Feliciana put Bob's sunglasses on and he did a great 
impersonation of him... Haha! The video didn't come through but he said, 
"Yo yo! You can trust me! I used to be a Bishop!"

Pres. Simelane and his FUN wife and son. He is a counselor to Pres. Leavitt
in the SAJM Mission Presidency and lives in Manzini.

Sister Broadbent, who visited Swaziland this weekend with her husband and two other couples in the area office, and Sister Willis (Iowa) and Sister Foxx (Scotland) who helped with RS training yesterday. They were CES missionaries and now are extending an extra 6 months to help in our mission.

Our dear Sister Thuli in our Ezulwini Branch had a baby girl, Siphosethu, yesterday morning at 7:00 am and came home at 1:30 pm!  We went to see them this afternoon and got some cute photos... She is a DARLING baby!

Baby Siphosethu's three big sisters and next door neighbor on the left.

We took tacos for them to try tonight (Monday) for dinner 
and they loved them!   Ü 

Even Jaiden liked his taco! And so did the two kids
who live next door! (Second and third from the left)
I gave them Smiley face stickers and they wore them
on their foreheads! Haha! 

I took mandarin oranges and also brownies for dessert
(their FAVORITE)!!


  1. What great pictures! Once a Primary President - always a Primary President. I bet the leaders, teachers and eventually the students will love and remember all of the awesome things you do Joyce to remind them how much Heavenly Father loves them. I love logging on and seeing your adventures and the beauty of Africa. Hope you are both doing well. We miss you. Lori Hunsaker

  2. What a great District Conference! Did you take tons of supplies with you to make all your fun posters and handouts? And you must do lots of cooking and baking- you're a busy lady! Awesome!

  3. Yes, I DO a LOT of baking!!! I had LOTS of art supplies in my suitcase but ended up leaving MOST of them home because of weight! : / But I have found just about everything here in Swaziland!! Ü