Thursday, March 15, 2018

Happy Birthday Elder Wold!  We had a FUN day today and a DELICIOUS dinner at The Terrace buffet at ROYAL SWAZI SPA in Ezulwini, just down the road from us.  We have passed the driveway to go there everyday, but yesterday was our first visit there.  It's SO pretty!! We went back tonight for Bob's birthday dinner. 

This is the sign we see on our main road everyday.

The entrance to the ROYAL SWAZI SPA 
(hotel, casino, restaurant, convention center, gift shop, golf course, etc.)

The coloring is weird on this (in the shade),  but this is the hotel and restaurant entrance.

I wanted to get a picture of the pretty flowers in the entry way yesterday but forgot and today
the arrangement was completely different with different kinds of flowers! 

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Bob's plate


The pretty desserts

The weather here changes SO quickly!!  It was HOT 
and 95* with blue skies and then all of the sudden we got LOTS 
of rain, which turned into hail! Then the sun was out again and  dried
it all up and it was warm again!  And when we got to the restaurant, it started
to rain again and there is still quite a lightning show in the sky tonight as we got home!

Tuesday, we all met in Manzini to make a video to
surprise Pres. and Sister Leavitt for their 1 year anniversary 
of their arrival in Johannesburg.  Bob made this sign.  I love how this
photo turned out of ALL of our Swaziland Elders, except for the two in Nhlangano!! 

 We ended up taking Elder Brown and Elder Willey back to
Ezulwini with us to the Medi-sun Clinic to have Elder Brown's
toe treated. Cute elders! (The doctor, Abraham, was Ethiopian!) Ü 

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  1. Happy Birthday to Elder Wold! Your food looks delicious, and that's such a cute picture of you two! And I'm always amazed at how beautiful and green the scenery is!