Monday, March 19, 2018

We had the best zone activity today at Hlane Royal Game Park here in Swaziland! We were able to take all 12 of our Elders there for P-day!  The weather was perfect and everything went well! Here are some photos....

Elder Schwalger and Elder Feliciana got their travel itinerary for April 3rd
when they will fly home to San Diego and Brazil! We'll miss them!!! 

The Manzini District surprised Elder Wold with a matching shirt they had 
made for his birthday.  He wore it with them on the game drive. 

Elders Nogueira and Sinclair on the two ends with the Manzini  District,
Elders Willey, Francis, Brown (and Myeni, who was in Mbabane to get paperwork
going to go on his mission to Sierra Leone)! 
Elder Schwalger and Elder Feliciana joined the group!

Elder Wold with the Manzini District 

Elder Smith in his shirt someone made for him in Mozambique

The Swaziland Zone....eating muffins before we headed out!

The first jeep with Elder Schwalger, Elder Brown, Elder Willey, Elder Francis,
Elder Feliciana, Elder Bowen and Elder Sinclair.

Our jeep with Elder Smith, Elder Nogueira, Elder Cox and Elder Pace

Elder Wold with jeep #2 (actually a Toyota Land Cruiser)

Elder Cox riding "shotgun" and wearing the guide's hat

Heading off with our guide, Manqoba

Huts you can stay in overnight
There is also a campground if people want to camp out.

A male elephant was eating the acacia bushes with two females

We think he is one we saw in October with just one tusk.

Close encounters with the male elephant....

Looking for lions....

We spotted two lions and were THIS close! 
One was just lying down and the other wandered off in the tall grass.

She never did come out of the tall grass but I got a few pics anyway...

These are nyalas, a type of antelope native to Southern Africa. 
The females are brown and the males are a dark gray color. 

These are impalas. They have three black stripes on their behinds
that look like an "M".  They are the most hunted animal of the big game
so people say the "M" is for McDonald's for the big animals! Ü 

They were leaping and running across the road! When they feel threatened,
they can jump 9 meters in distance and over 2 meters high! 

We found three hippos at a watering hole. They
kept standing up for a minute and then lying back in the water. 

There were LOTS of cool birds around the hippos' watering hole.
I didn't get good pictures of them. These nests are weaver birds' nests.

 We drove all over trying to find a rhino after seeing its tracks.
The other jeep got photos of it standing up with its baby, but our guide's radio went out
and by the time we found it, it was lying down. 
We could see the baby moving behind the tree.

The Swaziland Zone (minus Elder Myeni)

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  1. Wow- what a fun P-day!! Sure beats playing ball at the church! :)