Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Last night we went with our zone leaders to have Family Home Evening with the Msibi family in Elangeni.  We LOVE this family! We taught them about Family History and gave My Family booklets to all of the family, including Masebendza (19), Wendy (17), Simphiwe (15) and Venus (11).  They also had a friend there who joined us. Their father, Apollo always joins us, but he was not there last night.  Their parents, oldest sister (who now lives with her mother), Masebendza and Wendy were baptized in 2010 and Simphiwe was baptized the following year when he turned 8.  (Apollo became crippled and deaf about 3 or 4 years ago, his baby daughter also passed away and his wife left the family.) The four youngest kids live with their father and they have been coming to church again, since October, when we started teaching them with the Ezulwini 2 Elders. They had been away for over 3 years. It takes an hour for them to walk to church from where they live.

They usually have a little fire going and we sit outside in front of their home, but there was no fire last night. The zone leaders wanted to do s'mores for FHE treats so we got vanilla cookies from SPAR, (no graham crackers here), marshmallows, and chocolate bars. They all LOVED them!!! Simphiwe said he could eat "a century" of them!! 

L to R: Venus, Wendy, Elder Cox, Elder Smith, a friend, Simphiwe, Masebendza, Elder Wold
(Elder Wold and Elder Cox are holding up flashlights in our phones since it was dark!)




Our ZLs, Elder Cox (Australia) and Elder Smith (Ogden)

Today they came over to Skype with Joburg for MLC with our Wi-Fi
and laptop.  We fixed lunch since it was an "all day" meeting! Then
they also made a power point demonstration for the District Leaders 
meeting on Wednesday morning..

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