Friday, April 20, 2018

Last night we had a fun birthday celebration and then the WORST THUNDERSTORM we have EVER seen in our lives!!  It is impossible to even describe and I couldn't capture it on
my camera....!!!! 

It was King Mswati III's birthday celebration yesterday, but we didn't get anywhere near where the festivities were in Manzini, so it was a pretty quiet day for us. I'm sure it was on TV but we don't have a TV... 

The Msibi family gave us avocados from their tree, so we told them a few days ago, we would make guacamole and cowboy caviar for them.  It was Masebenza's 20th birthday 
yesterday, so we took them, with Sprite and tortilla and Dorito chips, so they could try them and we also took birthday cupcakes! They LOVED it all!!  We even played a couple of games ~ Categories and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  They really enjoyed them! We were surprised when we drove up, to see their mom, Busisiwe, out front doing laundry.  She was so excited to see us!  She was there for his birthday. 

Apollo wasn't feeling well, so he kept his distance, but he got a kick 
out of the party and he really enjoyed the food! 

We often sit outside to teach, so we carry four plastic 
chairs in the back of our truck. Apollo recently made the cool benches.

We took a candle and lit it and that was fun for
him to make a wish and blow it out. 

Busisiwe brought Junior and he woke up just in time
for a cupcake!

The sky began to get a little dark with clouds, so we packed up
and headed home.... We were JUST down their mountain road a couple of minutes
later, when the CRAZIEST lightning and thunderstorm broke out !!  It was SO BAD!!
We could NOT see a thing in front of us, when the rain started coming down in
torrents sideways and the wind was blowing like crazy!  The sky lit up with lightning
every couple of seconds and the thunder was SO LOUD!!!  We have NEVER seen
anything quite like it! We were on a bumpy dirt road, and it was PITCH DARK!! 
The elders were following behind us in their truck and it was quite an experience!!! 

These photos are really bad....It was impossible to capture it!

Julie sent these cute senior pictures of Cambryn! 

She also sent some of Miranda for her mission! 

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