Monday, April 2, 2018

We did something today that we have wanted to do for a LONG time!  We drove to Sibebe Rock.  It's on the other side of Mbabane in Pine Valley, where Pres. Ntshalintshali, our District President lives.  When he invited us to dinner a few weeks ago, it was dark by the time we got there and we have wanted to go back to Pine Valley to see the area in the daylight. He told us that we were near Sibebe Rock.  It was SO pretty up there!  Sibebe Rock, a 3,000,000,000 year old volcanic slab, 1,488 meters high (almost a mile), is the world's largest granite dome! Sibebe is a batholith: it welled up through the earth's crust in one great molten bubble before cooling to form a mountain of sheer granite. Wow!  (Pictures really don't do it, or the surrounding area, justice!!)

The drive through Pine Valley.... 
(Ignore the spots on the front windshield) 😔

I LOVE these pretty wildflowers that are ALL along the roadside!

(from across the road)

We drove on and took these photos, 
then turned around and drove back to get photos from the other side.

After 7 months here, I am still fascinated by the huge boulders we 
see everywhere!! 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
The views across the mountains were breath-taking!!

The mountains near Sibebe Rock...

Approaching Sibebe Rock, coming from the other direction...

It is SO huge you cannot get a photo 
of the WHOLE thing from
the front side.

Back in our pretty Ezulwini (behind the Royal Swazi Spa)
Oh how we LOVE 💕 this beautiful country!! 

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