Saturday, April 14, 2018

Whew!!  What a DAY!! We worked so hard on the Ezulwini Branch Activity this morning!  It turned out to be REALLY fun! There were 10 of us in RS there, plus two YW daughters, and four more little ones of Sister Thuli Fakudze. (They walked all the way there and arrived about an hour and 15 minutes late.) Typical "Swazi time"!  It was to start at 11:00 and there were only four there so we played a game and at about 11:45 there were a few more and by 12:30 we had all of us there but one, who came even a little later. But I have just learned to "roll with it". We just ate after the first game, then I gave my message and we played the last game, and ate some more... (I planned food for 20 so everyone got plenty. Everything was eaten and enjoyed!)  Here are some photos....

We started with a fun getting to know your sister game where they had to have a sister sign
each square.... (see below) They had fun with that!  (But we got started SO late ~ Swazi time ~ There were only about 4 there when we started!!) 

Bob took these as I was giving the message and we listened to and then sang
with Gladys Knight on youtube  "SISTERS IN CHRIST"! 


When they finished the game, they got a treat and also a keychain.

We had Chicken Salad Croissants, Lay's Spring Onion and Cheese chips
and Fudge Nut Bars and frosted heart cookies for dessert. They all asked for the recipes! 

We played "Speed Friendship" where we visited with each other
for 2 minutes and then rotated and visited with each sister until got to the end of the row.

Bob came in to take a picture at the end before we started cleaning up
and everyone really got into the posing!! We had a FUN time together!! 
I LOVE these sisters!! 

The activity ended at 2:00 pm and we had to hurry out to Elangeni
after we cleaned up, to pickup Masebenza and Venus Msibi to meet
the Sidwashini elders and introduce them to the Msibi mom, Busisiwe, 
and her two daughters, who live with her, Thantezile and Wendy. Masebenza
is 19 and Thantazile is 22.  They hadn't seen each other for almost a year!

When we got back to the Msibi home, after dark, Simphiwe
and Masebenza took Elder Wold out to pick avocados from one of 
their 41 avocado trees!!  They also have about 30 mango trees!! 

This is the nifty little picker they made! It works really well! 

They gave us a WHOLE bag full!!  Can't wait to make Cowboy Caviar and Guacamole!! 

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