Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 19th, is King Mswati III's 50th birthday. He is the King of Swaziland and he has 14 wives.  It is also the 50th anniversary of Swaziland's independence from Great Britain.  There will be a big celebration and these signs and billboards are up all over Swaziland.  There are armed guards all over to make sure the King is safe as he rides through the streets tomorrow on his way to give a speech.  A member told us yesterday that anyone who is also turning 50 between April 1st and the 19th gets to sit at a special dinner with the King! 

 The banners on the footbridges say 
"Celebrating 50 years of peace, quality and development"

Elder Duane and Sister Barbara Hunt worked in the mission office when we arrived here.
They, along with Elder and Sister Duncan, came to Swaziland the week before we got here and cleaned our flat and got everything we needed and had it all set up for us when we arrived. They were SO sweet! They had to return home to OK, early from their mission, for health reasons, back in November.

Our grandson, Elder Adam Wold, serving in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Mission just got transferred to Wagoner, OK. We looked on the map and realized that he is just 45 minutes
away from Gore, OK where the Hunts live! We hope maybe they can meet sometime! Ü 

Elder Siale, our elder from Tonga, finally got his birthday 
cupcake today and we sang to him! 

We met the four elders at their flat when went home for lunch.
Elder Nogueira on the left and Elder Siale serve in Sidwashini Branch
and Elder Pace and Elder Sinclair are serving together in Mbabane Branch.

I love the flowers in front of their flat!

I saw these the other day and thought they were SO interesting!
They have 3 blooms on each stem!

We have bougainvillea at home in Mesa, but these leaves
were very different... This is a small plant in front of Shoprite, but it is
common to see them reaching 12-15 feet in height!

I thought this was an interesting tree. 
I love the ruffly pink flowers.

This tree at The Gables has so many bird nests!
Some branches have 3 or 4 in a row! I think they are
the nests of the weaver birds.

Driving near Lobamba yesterday we had about 16-20
cows walking right towards our truck! By the time I got my 
camera out, most of them had already gone around us....

The sun was SO pretty shining like a silver ball behind the clouds
last night as we drove home.  I didn't quite capture it....Again, you had to be there...

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