Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We have a few photos from the last 10 days, so I will post them and give a little update....
(It is actually Thursday morning, April 12th here in Swaziland but my computer still has it
as Wednesday, since it is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday at home! Haha! )

Our granddaughter, Miranda Krist, who has lived with Julie and
Jeremy's family for 7 years, opened her mission call last Thursday
night. She is going to the Detroit Michigan Mission on May 16th!
We got to watch her open her call on Facebook Live the next morning.
(This photo is just taken from Facebook but there is no video...)

She was able to go to the Mesa Temple yesterday with 
Julie and Jeremy.  We are SO proud of her! 

Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference here after it was downloaded
last weekend.  We only had 13 of us there on Saturday in Ezulwini Branch, but on 
Sunday there were over 50 there. Here are our elders just as it was starting.
I made 6 dozen Sunday Night Cowboy cookies (oatmeal, coconut and chocolate chips)
for both days, to give out as they left after watching Conference.

The zone leaders came by to use our laptop to do a power point 
for Wednesday's monthly District Leader Meeting.
They left their shoes on the front porch (as we all do when 
we enter someone's home) but the rain came sideways and
their shoes were SOAKED inside and out while they were here!
We got the blow dryer to dry them out before they headed out.


The elders had met Cindy, a lady who works in our complex and she was interested in knowing more about the church. So after our Coordination Meeting and lunch with them on Tuesday, we went to the gate next door and taught her! It is the owner's home with a pretty yard and swimming pool!  The owner passed away last year and his wife and three children live there.  Cindy tends her kids. (This is the only photo I got, I am very careful about not taking pictures when people are watching....) 

Cindy has attended the Evangelical Church but has not been for a year.  In the past year, she lost 9 of her family members!! (To poison she said...Not sure what that means?) We had a GOOD visit with her and taught her that the Lord loves her and He is very aware of her pain and sorrow and only He can give her the comfort and peace she is looking for. She invited us to come back next Tuesday and teach her more! She also said she wants to come to church this Sunday.  (We will be speaking in the Ngwane Park Branch in Manzini.)

More photos of amazing Swaziland

These were taken behind the Manzini chapel when we went
in the back door for the first time with Pres. Sithole before our
meeting with him on Monday. (Below is a small version of 
that strange tree I love with the long red flowers.)

This is the Book of Mormon in the Zulu language.  
We understand that it is close to siSwati and it has not been
translated into siSwati yet.  We are taking this to Sister Busisiwe
Msibi in Mpolonjeni, on Saturday afternoon. 

Swaziland got two new missionaries!  Above is Elder Molteno, who came straight from the MTC in Johannesburg.  He is from East London, South Africa, in the Cape Town Mission.

Below is Elder Siale, who is from Tonga and has been serving in Johannesburg for the past year.  They are GREAT young men and we are excited to get to know them! 

We decided to stop at Mugg and Bean here in Ezulwini for lunch.  They have a patio up on the second level of our little "mall".  It was a beautiful day so we got a table outside and ordered our food...

This is what the weather looked like when we got our food!!
We of course, moved inside!! Haha!  You've got to LOVE the 
crazy weather here!!

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