Monday, December 4, 2017

November 25th was Swaziland's Mormon Helping Hands day. I was home feeling really sick but Elder Wold went with our elders to clean up an area between Ezulwini and Manzini. I just found these photos on Swaziland Mormon Newsroom! 

Our Swaziland Elders Ü 

Bob with Pres. Mahlalela in the District Presidency

All of the district after the service project

Today was Elder Powell's birthday.  Here he is with his
birthday cupcake.

We went to lunch with our Ezulwini elders (Elder Pace, Elder Pulley,
Elder Powell and Elder Samatanda) at SPUR and met the 
Manzini elders (Elders Nogueira, Smith, Willey, Sinclair, Jordan 
and Chounlamany) just leaving after their 2 for 1 burgers at SPUR 
on (P-Day)  Ü 

The waiters at SPUR sang to Elder Powell and brought 
a bubble gum flavor ice cream sundae (with blue topping).

Later, Elder Schwalger and Elder Freestone tore off the paper 
and really dug into their birthday cupcakes we took to Mbabane!! 

And Elder Francis got his Tuesday, when
he came to bring the truck from Nhlangano.  Ü 

I just had to get this picture when all the cashiers at
SPAR were wearing red cowboy hats with 

I love these flowers in Corner Plaza's parking lot.
It's across from our flat.  I don't remember what 
they are called but they take me back to Ethiopia.
They were growing all along the path to the mission
office in Meganagna! Ü

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  1. So sorry you've been sick! Hope you're o the mend, and that's pretty cool that Mormon Helping Hands are alive and well in Swaziland!