Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Today is our 45th Wedding Anniversary!!  Ü  We had a meeting in Mbabane this morning so we did a little shopping before and then after the District Leaders Council Meeting, we drove on up to Ngwenya Glass Factory for lunch and checked out the shops there.  We got to watch the glassblowers this time and took a few more photos of that FUN place! 

It was SO foggy all around Mbabane on our way up and by 
the time we drove back the fog had reached Ngwenya!

But as we got closer to Ezulwini the fog disappeared!
I LOVE our Ezulwini valley!

I didn't get a picture of this chandelier last time we were there.
This was taken through the window of the little restaurant above
the Glass Shop.

These were also taken from the window above....

It was fascinating to watch the glass blowers!  There was a walkway all
around the floor above to watch each person in their different jobs. Amazing!!

My pictures didn't really come out good but they 
blow in the end of these long pipes!

It was SOOOO hot up there with the ovens on!!

I loved watching this cute peacock family...

I have been looking for a traditional Swazi dress
and found one my size!  Happy Anniversary to ME! Ü 

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