Saturday, December 9, 2017

What a day this has been!!  We went to Mbabane to get Elder Samatanda's passport from Nathi and also took Krispy Kreme donuts that the Sidwashini  Elders had requested from the ZLs who were in Johannesburg the past 2 days... These four elders in Mbabane had been handing out candy at a hospital in their Santa hats. Ü 

L-R: Elder Passey, Elder Schwalger, Elder Freestone
and Elder Brown

More changes for Swaziland!!  Now we are
down to 15 Elders! Elder Samatanda is going 
back to Johannesburg and Elder Sinclair is coming
from Manzini to be companions with Elder Pace.

We went to the Msibi home to help prepare food
for Apollo Msibi's brother's funeral there tonight
(all night) and tomorrow.  They expect to feed 
200+ people!! Lots of family and neighbors were
there to help.

 I stirred the pap ("pop") over the fire
for a bit, then joined the elders cutting up FROZEN 

The Msibi kids
L-R Masabendza, (Elder Samatanda saying 
"good-bye"), Simphiwe, Venus and Wendy. 
On the right is their cousin, Coolar, who sat in
on a missionary lesson on Tuesday.

We went from the Msibis' to the Mbulis' and taught 
a lesson, then took more photos....

Gogo (Grandma) is on the left and one daughter is on the 
right. The kids are Gogo's grandchildren. She has a son
serving in the Uganda Kampala Mission but is not a member 
herself. The older grandkids come to Primary and LOVE it! 

The sky on the way to the Mbuli home...

Rose Mbuli's son and his wife, Misty (Lombardi)
and baby Rosalie just arrived a few days ago from the U.S. to visit! 

The whole sky was lit up with lightning all the way home!!
It was almost impossible to capture it, but I snapped 
these two photos at The Gables!

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