Saturday, December 16, 2017

Today is my birthday! And it was also our Branch Christmas Party this morning.  I talked to 
a member of the branch and found that nothing was really organized for it.  It was a last minute idea, I think, SO..... I made 105 of my Rice Krispie Trees that I have had on my birthday for about 60 years!!!  I took nativity pictures for the children to color and I had a game of musical chairs if we needed it and also Pictionary for the teens.  We had kids outside the gate 40 minutes early and no key to get in! We finally got a key and by the time about 30 kids arrived, there were still only a few adults, a few teens and the four Elders. Over the next 2 1/2 hours, more people came but I would say there were about 40 kids, 10 adults, and 10 teenagers. Here are some photos....

Bob just came in with this poinsettia and the glass angel
Christmas tree ornament, saying "You are my ANGEL!" Ü 

My 105 Rice Krispie Trees with Rolos instead of gumdrops,
which you can't find here...

Gogo Shabangu, one of the first ones
who came, with her grandson.

Primary kids coloring the nativity picture

Masabendza and his cousin Coolar
with Elder Wold

Guessing how many jelly beans were 
in the jar.... 674 was the total! 

The Elders playing Pictionary with Christmas carols
from the hymnbook

Pictionary.... the GIRLS team....

Part of the guys' team...

Venus and cousin Coolar drawing
"Far Far Away on Judea's Plains" Ü 

Musical chairs Ü 

Bob led them all singing "Happy Birthday" to me...

We had a fun time yesterday with 13 of our Elders from Manzini, Ezulwini and Mbabane at the Swazi Mall in Mbabane sharing "LIGHT the WORLD" with people who passed by our booth. 

Elders Jordan, Willey and Pace

Elders Nogueira, Passey and Brown

Elders Schwalger and Pulley

Elder Pace

Elder Schwalger

Our Christmas gifts for our neighbors
(Holiday Nugget cookies)

Charles Dlamini, an RM in our branch, did an AMAZING
job washing our truck!!  It was SOOOO muddy from 
all the rain and it looked like NEW!!

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