Friday, December 29, 2017

We took a drive today a little ways past Manzini to get our hair cut. Eve did our hair 6 weeks after we arrived in Swaziland and we were VERY happy with her!  Well, 6 weeks later, we found that she had left the salon here in Ezulwini and was now 40 minutes away at the Nkonyeni Golf Estate.  She called us and said she missed us and to come down and see where she is now, so we did! It's a BEAUTIFUL place!! 

The Entrance

Beautiful drive through the property

The Recreation Center

The Reception Center, Restaurant and Hair Salon
(Also, golf course and swimming pool)

The view from the restaurant, looking down on the golf course
across the river and the swimming pool in front

Close-up of the sign by the river
Eve said she has never seen one....?

The pretty bridge and first tee which goes across the river!

It's a beautiful, peaceful place...

The whole time we ate our pizza (which was AMAZING), 
we watched eight monkeys playing across the green. Four were tiny babies!

It tickled me the way the waiter brought us our fork and napkin Ü

The amazing we saw in Ethiopia

We saw this billboard on the way there but I didn't get a picture,
so Bob stopped on the way home and I snapped this.  Ü 
We have seen trucks almost this full!!!

The clouds out our kitchen window were SO pretty last night at
dinnertime.  Bob took these photos....

We sure love pretty Swaziland!!

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