Saturday, December 2, 2017

A quick trip to Johannesburg!  We drove Elder Chakanyuka and Elder Hosmer to Johannesburg on Monday for transfers.  Elder Hosmer will be a ZL in Joburg and Elder Chaka has completed his mission and flew home to Zimbabwe on Tuesday! We will miss them.... Here are a few photos we took during our short stay.  It was our first time there since we arrived in Swaziland 3 months ago!

The FOG was SO bad the first hour or two of our trip!! 

Then we got through the fog, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day!! 

We dropped the elders off and Elder Wagner took us to the 
Clearwater Mall to see about replacing my iPhone 7 that 
hasn't worked since I bought it in Mesa before we left! 

The mall was BEAUTIFULLY decorated and HUGE!!
It had McDonald's, Burger King and Krispy Kreme in
the Food Court!  We were amazed at what we saw!!

We then went back to the mission office and parked and we
went to the Hunt's flat (since they had to go home after only
10 months because Elder Hunt had 3 surgeries in 6 weeks 
for kidney stones and ended up back in the hospital with an
infection...) : /  We stayed there both nights, right next to the
Wagners' flat! The Hunts and the Wagners worked together 
in the mission office.

The Wagners' flat is on the right and the Hunts' is on the left.
The APs' flat and another flat of elders are in the same complex.

Tuesday morning, we went to the mission office 
during transfer time and there were elders all over
the place!!  We just missed seeing Elder Lee from
Panguitch, but I met Elder Mkize, whose brother 
served in CapeTown in my brother Bob's mission.
I also saw an Elder Trammell and asked about 
his family.  I taught his older brother, Mychael
and his sister, Laurann in 2nd Grade at Hermosa 
Vista between 1999 and before I retired in 2002!
He was just a pre-schooler then! Cute elder!
His family was so excited to see this photo!  

We also got to say "good-bye" to Elder Hosmer
and sign his journal and get a photo since he will
probably not be back in Swaziland before he goes

We didn't get a photo with Elder Chakanyuka except
for this one at the last zone conference.  He took off his
shoe one day and threw it at his companion, Elder Perez,
so we always kidded him about that.... I just had to do
this when he wanted a photo with us!  Haha!  He is the 
FUNNIEST guy!! He made us laugh all the time!

Then we went to visit the Mickelthwaites who live
just 2 minutes from the mission office.  Their son
Russell and daughter-in-law Eva live across the 
street in Mesa from the Beutlers, who we worked
with at the Mesa Temple.  Sis. Beautler brought a 
package to us that they wanted us to take to their 
parents, Godfrey and Cynthia. So we did!  They 
are the CUTEST!! We had a delightful visit with
them and they made us promise to come back if
we get back to Joburg.  (We hope we do!?)

They had a wonderful flowers! I loved these lilies!

This was an interesting tree....

That afternoon we met our new S&I Coordinator at the Area Office
canteen, (since we are now under Johannesburg S&I and not 
Mozambique anymore).  We had a delicious lunch and really enjoyed
visiting with Tirana Ngowane! She will come to Swaziland to visit in January.

While we were there, in walked Portia, whose twin brother, Michael
Khosa is in our branch.  She is married, lives in Joburg now and works
for the Church Travel Dept. in the Area Office.  (She is friends with 
Bob and Martha and he sent me a photo of her in her Swaziland traditional
skirt right after we found we were going to be serving in Swaziland!) Ü
She is darling!  She is coming home to Ezulwini at Christmas time!

The Area Offices are next to the Temple, so we walked
through this pretty wooded pathway and went to the Temple 
for the 3:00 session, (which we didn't know was in French!
So we got to wear headsets to hear it in English!) The Temple
is BEAUTIFUL!  We LOVED finally getting to see it and attend
a session at the temple!!

The Johannesburg, South Africa LDS Temple


  1. How exciting to get to attend the temple! And even in Africa, the church is a small world and there are always connections- so fun!

    1. It's Linda, and I'm the one logged in, so I have no idea why that says Curtis wrote the comment!

  2. And...I'd go nuts finding a Krispy Kreme! We don't have them here in PA, so when I'm in Orem I have to stop about every time I drive down the diagonal! Yum!!