Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Our elders in each town have set up a display in a shopping mall to tell people about the LIGHT the WORLD initiative this month for remembering Christ this Christmas and lighting the world by serving and sharing love as He did! Here are our Manzini elders.  
(This photo was on Swaziland Mormon Newsroom.)

(Elder Sinclair on the left is now serving with us in Ezulwini.)

We met Mabel Nkambule, the first baptized member of the 
Church in Swaziland, in Mbabane on Saturday.  She is the
District Primary President and asked me to take a picture of
our Ezulwini Branch Primary kids.  Here it is! 


Jaime and Anita Massango with Jose 11 and Jerson 9
He has been our S&I Coordinator and has been here 
three times.  But we are now with Johannesburg, not
Mozambique for 2018, so this was his last trip to Swaziland!
He decided to bring his whole family as a Christmas gift to
his boys.  They had dinner with us and we taught them to
play QUIRKLE!  They loved it! 

They gave us this fabric from Mozambique to make a shirt 
for Elder Wold and a matching skirt for me! 

We gave them this Christmas box full of chocolate chip cookies and Christmas candy.

We went with our Zone Leaders today to visit two less active
sisters who both live in Mvuvu just along the freeway.
It was a beautiful day in a very pretty setting!

Sister Thuli, former RS President, was working in her field, since it was 
a sunny day.  So they made arrangements to come back tomorrow to help
her weed and another day to teach a lesson.

Sister Thuli's kids in a mango tree

CUTE kids eating and sharing mangoes!! 

An over-loaded mango tree in Sister Sylvia's yard...
She was at the hospital and the elders were going back
this afternoon while we were with the EZ 2 elders.

 We went with our Ezulwini 2 Elders to visit the Msibi Family
and teach Venus since she was too young to be baptized 
in 2012 when the whole family joined the Church.

Cute Venus had braids woven into her VERY short hair!  SO cute but
I hardly recognized her!! 

They played jumprope with a long plastic coated wire after the lesson
 and they were really good!  The rhyme they sang was the months of the year.

Simphiwe 15

Masabendza 18

Elder Wold took this picture of me showing Brother 
Apollo Msibi the LIGHT the WORLD video.  He is
deaf so misses out on most of what the lessons teach.
I really try to involve him however we can...

Happy 45th Anniversary to US on Dec. 20th!  We found a Christmas store and just
had to get these cute mice and angels for our Nativi-tree at home. (Early birthday gift.) Ü 

More pretty flowers here that I have not seen before!

Our little P.O. Box at The Gables ~ D371

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  1. It’s fun to see how the people live and how the kids play there! And happy birthday and anniversary!!!