Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I just had to add some more photos...  The weather makes things look so different and I just can't get enough of the beauty of our mountains here!

Coming from Malkerns yesterday....

We couldn't figure out the writing on the back of this truck!?

We were hungry and grabbed a bite to eat at
Sambane's in Malkerns. Here is my chicken salad.

Get a load of Bob's Mexican Burger with onion
rings on top!!

These were taken on our way back home 
last night.  I just LOVE the clouds and the
sun peeking through....

I know we have bougainvillea at home
but these were SO gorgeous!

We visited a newly activated YSA and she has BEAUTIFUL
Plumeria in her yard!  I felt like I was back in Hawaii!! Ü

These were taken around the Ezulwini Elders' house.
I LOVE that it's next to a Nursery....

We pass the American Embassy everyday, but the flag 
looked SO pretty waving in the breeze today.... I just had to
get a picture!! How we love AMERICA!!

The next couple of photos were taken this afternoon
when we dropped off our Ezulwini 2 Elders in Elangeni.
It has rained ALL day and the roads were too muddy for
us to get up the hill...

Elders Pace and Sinclair

I don't know why but I get such a kick out of these
cute white birds that hang out with the cows here.
They walk alongside them and just seem to be good

Driving back home from Elangeni tonight...

A little cutie who sat next to us in church in Mbabane
on Sunday.... The kids here are ADORABLE! 

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